Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flyers by Danny Breeden

        Danny Breeden, lead singer for Fuck Shit Piss has always made a big splash.  He's always been an inspiration to me.  Trouble maker, heartbreaker, animal tamer.  He's gotten away with a lot.  There's no question that his flyers are bonafide works of art.  He recently had health problems and I wish him all the best. 
        These are all flyers I found in my collection of useless ephemera.  The above flyer is the only show I went to out of all these.  Apocalypse being a Crass sounding band from LA made up of all Asians.  Not like that matters but there you go.  Glycine Max were hardcore also from LA I think.  They were pure soy power vegan types.  I'd never encountered that before so I was really into it.  It wasn't until later on that I'd find out how much vegan food sucks.  I've seen the Glycine Max LP going for big money in record stores.  That's gotta piss those guys off.  Right?  

        A Solution was brutal hardcore, fucking amazing powerful stuff, and the first time I'd heard the reference Crust Core.  That's what people were calling them.  I downloaded their records and it doesn't sound anything like the weak snotty metal shit that was going by the name of Crust later on in the 90's.  What a let down that whole wave of crust bands was from the late 90's onward.  Spiked and pierced crusty punks bitching and moaning generic politics.  It was a cliche before that scene even got off the ground.  Drunk punk poor mans rock star bullshit.  With a message.  Who gives a shit about the opinions of a guy with a green mohawk and bondage pants desperate to tell me about the plight of the indians?  It gets really insipid when he's trying to bum a cigarette from me after they get done playing.  Back to A Solution.  They sounded nothing like that!  In fact a stellar band worth hearing.  This may have been among Atomic Gods last few shows.  Atomic Gods were a great band.  Sean Sloan from Atomic Gods deserves buttloads of credit for pushing the scene like he did.      

        This post is about Danny so back to the main idea here.  The above flyer scan looks like shit.  I'll try and redo it sometime.  The blob on the bottom left is George Bush Sr.  He just got elected President.  By his head it reads "Fast Flyer by Danny 1988."                

      Fuck Shit Piss broke up before playing the above show.  Notice the skinhead flashing a peace sign.

        Years went by without seeing any flyers from Danny and then along came this show in 1994 at the North Las Vegas Elks Lodge.  Crazy how the underground network made Sublime.  Everyone I know had a dubbed cassette copy of the "40 Oz To Freedom" record.  I don't think it ever came out officially until their major label debut.  Although it kind of pains me to admit it they were pretty rad for what they were.  It was a definitely a time and a place for them.

       Sadly we showed up late to this show and Fuck Shit Piss didn't play, or we missed em, I forget which.  Sublime didn't play either because their drummer didn't show up.  I think their manager got behind the drum kit and they tried playing a few songs but it ended up as a mess.  The Elks Lodge was packed that night.  I mean packed!  As usual I'd never see most of those people ever again.

        I'm such an internet buffoon.  I didn't realize Danny has most of these flyers and many more posted already!  Well at the least the last two are ones he didn't get around to posting, so maybe you learned something new today?

See way more of Danny's work here.

Download more flyers from my collection here


  1. don't forget about the cannibal peace crust scene. or vegetarian sewer grind.

  2. Thanks for putting these up. I've seen most of them but I've lost most of my flyer collection over the years.

    Danny... is a great artist, I have always loved his work. In the mid-80's I used to put out compilation tapes and Danny... did a bunch of artwork for me. I have some of it (plus other random work of his) on my Flickr page: