Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boba Fett Youth 7"

     This post is for Nathan Robards guitar player for Boba Fett Youth and Part-Time Whore.   He has a new band after not playing for many years.  I'm excited to see where it leads.  He is one talented mofo.

   This is the first and only 7” by Boba Fett Youth released on Bucky Records in 1994.  They would later put out an LP but I ain’t got that one.  This is the record I won for answering a trivia question while they were on the radio if you recall.

  I forgot what kind of hard driving punk they were on this first record.  It's got some bite to it even if the overall sound is somewhat unthreatening.  It’s hardcore but of a more poppy nature.  I mean the tempo is pretty fucking fast but the sound on this record is so bright it doesn't come across as the hardcore sound I'm used to hearing.  Which is awesome.  Maybe it's the vocals that make it sound so spastic?   Andrew made the geeky Crucifucks/Jello Biafra temper tantrum work here.  The only thing that sounds dated is the pseudo ska breakdown which happen in Maim and Employ but I can forgive that because the lyrics are so fun.

    I've made the scans of the lyrics a bit oversized so you can feel free to drag and drop them onto your desktop if you want to read em.  It's a pretty small sized file.

   Good stuff.  Although the bass sounds kinda weird to me.  It comes across more as a collection of tones  rather than a stringed instrument.   It sounds like the tractor beam from the Death Star when Obi Wan was turning it off so the Millenium Falcon could escape.  In that regard maybe it's intentional.  It makes for a unique listening experience that’s for sure.  It strikes a decent balance of being in your face punk rock while not boring you by being overly obnoxious.  Which is kind of a rarity as far as snotty punk rock goes.  Maybe that's just because it's so short?      

 I’ve written a bunch about the impact this band had on the LV underground music scene in the early to mid 90’s I don’t have much to add here other than the fact that these might be my favorite songs by Boba Fett Youth.  Funny thing is I remember thinking the BFY demo tape was a better recording.  Unfortunately I taped their KUNV radio appearance over the demo I had of theirs.

   This record is great for the music but also for the milestone it set.  This was the first 7” record I know of put out by a local band at that time.  Bucky records was the first consistent record company to release records by Las Vegas underground musicians.  Several bands followed Bucky’s lead and released records in the years after the release of this 7”.  Say what you will about the vinyl/CD debate but it looks like vinyl records has gone on to survive into the digital age much more than demo tapes or demo CD’s. 

  I digitized this in real time so it ends with the record playing out all scratchy and shit at the end.  Just like when you used to listen to them on your old hi-fi.  Laugh it up fuzzball.  

Download Boba Fett Youth debut 7"

BFY 7" front cover jpeg 
BFY 7" back cover jpeg

    Hey I also found the flyer posted below in the record sleeve.  This must have been a show they did on tour with Hickey and FYP.  I'm thinking it was in the bay area.  This might have been the show I went to in which I accidentally destroyed their Darth Vader mask.  Seriously.  Lest I forget I also found a Boba Fett Youth pog in the sleeve but forgot to digitize it.  Look for that collectable on ebay in the year 2012!


  1. I just happened to find your blog while looking for images of boba fett and saw boba fett youth in the search results. Completely took me back 15+ years.

  2. Sick. These guys were awesome! Las Vegas 96 oh man good times caves tubes huntridge theater.