Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zinecon 2000 video post #4

     This post spotlights the live music performances at Zinecon 2000 plus a few more short interviews I managed to slip in between bands.  I'd write more stuff but I just can't be bothered right now.  Maybe I'll return to these and write more?  Maybe the videos speak for themselves?  Thanks for watching.

    Signature song by great performer Jay the Villain.

    Civic Minded 5 performing at Zinecon.

    I went to UNLV Film school with Dana Miller.  She's a cool lady and one of the few born and bred native Las Vegans I'd ever met.  I guess Drew Livingood was born there.  Shit I know there's more natives I know but it escapes me.  
    Not sure if I ever worked on any film projects with her.  UNLV film school was a funny experience.  I didn't make many friends there (surprised?) when I published an article decrying the firing of Professor O'Brien before he reached his tenure.  Ah the school memories.  I miss school.  

   Julie Wheat was a local creative type on the scene.  I always wanted to go out with her but yeah it didn't happen.  Recently befriended her on Facebook after seeing this interview.  She's still got a smokin bod and still appears to have a propensity for being a smartass.  Am I wrong in saying such things?  

    Someone stole a puppet from a table at Zinecon!  That's some fucked up shit man.  Typical of Las Vegas I gotta say.  I don't remember how this played out but I think the puppet was never returned.  If I'm wrong correct me.  I mean correct me if I'm wrong.

    My good friend James Emmanuel Stuart and I talking shop.  He had a camera as well.  His footage can be found here.  In this clip you'll see some pretty fancy psychedelic image manipulation I did in camera.  Hey look everybody I'm a film maker!  One of the few clips with no technical glitches.  What do you know about that?

    And finally the headlining musical act of the night from Austin, Texas it's Brown Whorenet!  Great band.  Stupid fucking name.  So they fit in well with this motley collection.  Nice and intricate progressive rock/funk/jazz/dance music.  Labels always get in the way.  Just get down on it.  If you really want it.

    Glad I was a part of Zinecon 2000.  Here's hoping more art and culture will find it's mark in Las Vegas again someday soon.

   Keep an eye out as I will post download links for all these videos in the near future.  G'nite.  Hey! Here's the download links below.  Click on these links to download each respective clip.

Download Jay the Villain plays Zinecon 2000
Download Brown Whorenet PART ONE
Download Brown Whorenet PART TWO

More download links coming hold your horses.


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