Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party at the end of the world. BYOB.

     As many years as I lived there it rarely occurred to me that I lived in LAS VEGAS.  It was a rarity for me to go to the strip and I never went into casinos.  The only time I'd gamble was at Lucky's or Smith's when I'd get change from buying a twelve pack.  On a side note I later got trespassed from Smith's and I'll never shop there again.  Fuck them.   

     This video is one of the rare occasions I went to the strip and it's a trip.  Very surreal.  Vegas specializes in that shit.  It looks like a war has just taken place and now everyone was doing jello shots while the bodies were getting cleaned off the streets.  Wonder World is WOW.   

     My home town.  As far as wildly divergent shitholes go it may be the biggest.  And the best!  I won't complain about Vegas.  It's too easy a target.  Plus I don't live there and it used to piss me off when people visiting would talk shit about my city.  I can bitch all I want but you don't live here so go fuck yourself.  Since I'm now a stranger to Vegas you'll hear no more bitchin from me.    

    While it may continue to get stranger for me I have to admit I'll never be a stranger to Vegas. It will never leave my blood even if I wanted it to.  I still stay up late all the time for no reason.  That's gotta be a hold over from Vegas right?  

    I often feel like I'm part of a weird cult because I know so much about Vegas before it blew the fuck up into whatever it is this week.  I miss the Silver Slipper presents Movie of the Evening starting at 2am.  What a great show that was.  Cool theme song too.  Fact is I loved growing up there.  It was a fairly small town up until the early 90's.    Is Terina's Pizza still there on Charleston?   

    There are so many things I miss, but like Zody's most of those things are gone forever.    It'll never be what it was but some things can never change.  The mountains, the desert if you can find it, Ammonium Proclorate in the water table.  

     I wish there was more desert in Vegas.  The desert outside the valley is different.  The Las Vegas valley has it's own style of landscape that I've never seen anywhere else in the South West.  There's a specific look to the desert in the valley.  It's the most beautiful part of the South West.  Even though there's a fucked up city in the middle of it.
    Frenchmen Mountain I love you.  I haven't been to the East Side in years and years.  Maybe now there's a Sunrise Station across the street from the temple.  At this point I'd like to name drop Mo Mahoney.  Later on I may mention Michael Schevo.  

     I get lost when I go back to visit.  Traffic.  Garbage.  Bad smells.  Congratulations Vegas you're a big city now!  Sort of.  You've definitely got all the trappings of a big city.  Key word being trap.  Old Ladies Cave.       

     Dedicated to all those people who are currently on the party bus dancing and singing as it starts to go over the cliff.  Al;so dedicated to anyone who's ever come late to a party and bail because you just don't wanna deal with it.   Lastly I'd like to say fuck Rancho!     

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