Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pabco Daytime Video

     I can’t believe I haven’t shared this clip yet.  I think I decided not to post it on youtube because it shows certain individuals getting prepared to smoke "the weed."  People can be real sensitive about airing shit like that in a public forum especially if they got kids or if they got a “straight” job.  I don’t wanna get anyone busted so I’m guessing that’s why I’ve kept it off the shelf.  It’s currently unlisted on youtube and the only way you can you see it is through the link posted below.

    This vid is a real curiosity piece.  This was the Spazz/Catapult/Dwarf Bitch/Lopez/Fatty Lumpkin show.  But don’t let that fool you there isn’t much music in this clip.  It’s mostly a document of the Pabco party spot right before the show.  It was a wild night.  Somehow a bunch of us got there during the day right before sunset.  Since there's so many people hangin out in the daytime I have to assume it wasn’t full blown Summer just yet.

    Every other “desert show” video I shot was at night.  It's pretty fuckin cool to see the place all lit up.  Before we got all lit up.  It’s a great spot with a long strange history most of which I can only guess at.  Pabco didn’t have the drama of the Rainbow Caves or the urban aesthetic of the Lossee road ditch (the Tubes) but it did have rugged charm.  Who knows maybe there’s a show out there tonight?  A freeway overpass was built over Losee road in North town so there'll never be another show at that spot again but I’ve heard rumors about recent shows at the Caves.

    A tiny sliver of music is in this clip as well.  Dwarf Bitch and Catapult rocks out for a few minutes but the camera mainly stays focused on the crowd and the environment making the music more of a soundtrack rather than the main event. If you want to see more clips from this night go to youtube and lookup Pabco, Spazz, Fatty Lumpkin, or y’know some shit like that.  You’re a grown person you’ll figure it out.