Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Eye Open- Punk End Theory demo

      Goin a little off topic here so fuck you.  I loved this band when I discovered them in the late 90’s.  I felt like they were a lost gem who never got their due.  Somehow these guys seem more obscure than the band Your Mother if such a thing is possible.  They're also equally as funny as Your Mother.  The bros in Vegas really loved em.  At least the bros I hung out with.  They put out a few CD’s which were fair to middling, they came out with a punchy 7” on Very Small records in which they covered TV theme songs and later put out a split LP with Schlong also on Very Small records.  The Schlong split was probably the pinnacle of their legit releases but I loved their demos, this one in particular. 

      Funny shit going on here.  What kind of music is this?  Uhh… punk rock right?  But not of the Ramones clones variety.  Just goofy dorkiness deftly played and that’s about all I can say.  I wanna say this is like a Frank Zappa band doing hardcore mixed with metal, jazz, and funk.  I know that sounds like shit right?  Well somehow these dudes got it right in my book, mostly because it’s so fucking funny.  I listened to this cassette for years until it finally got eaten.  I think I somehow digitized this from that shitty copy I had when I was room mates with David Hayes years ago.  I think that's what we have here because this recording cuts out in some places and ends rather abruptly.  I found it in a box of burned CD’s I was planning to throw away.  Good thing I looked before tossing it all in the trash because I also found an obscure Doo Wop CD and two CD's by Gary Numan in that box as well.  Bonus.  

      In any case I’ve tried finding this online to no avail so I’m posting it here because I think you should laugh.

      Hailing from Long Beach I think these guys started as a ska band in the early to mid 90’s but later ditched that style to become something greater.  What that style is I have a hard time figuring out myself.  I just think it’s fuckin hilarious. 

    You might like it.  If not whatever.  I’m not gonna shit myself.  I saw them play live when they came through Vegas on tour in 97.  They played at GT’s house on the East side.  I thought they kinda sucked that night but then again I fell down and hurt my shoulder while trying to limbo.  So there's that.  I suggest downloading the song Al B. Fungless first.  Or maybe if I'd pick a hit single I'd say it's This Is Drunkski.  Maybe Anu Neighbor? It's pretty short and it works good together I suggest downloading all of it if you can be bothered to click on all the links.  Sorry I still haven't figured out how to allow you to download whole folders with one click.  I'm computer inept.  I guess we should just be thankful Mediafire is still around.  For the moment.

    To learn more about One Eye Open go here.  I just went through all this trouble to post this and just now I ran into their facebook page where you can download all their songs.  I'm a idiot sometimes.  Perhaps more internet research is needed before posting from here on in?  If you want an inferior quality version of these songs from this particular demo you can download them below.    

Download One Eye Open -Punk End Theory- below

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