Monday, December 31, 2012

4 Year Anniversary

    I've been neglecting the shit out of this blog.  No excuses.  Not like I'm busier than usual.  Just trying to get out and enjoy life that's all.  As a result I got nothing to share on this the 4th anniversary of this thrown together project.  I resolve to pay more attention to this blog next year.  I've got a few small projects in the works so expect to see more in the next few weeks.  I promise.   

    I was tempted to retire the blog all together with that last post.  Still wondering if this thing will go out with a whimper instead of a bang.  It still feels like it's worth doing so I'll continue at a slower pace perhaps.  But I can't predict the future so maybe it will come out even stronger next year?  

    I'm not surprised that the blog has only gotten more popular.  Nobody gives a fuck about anything when you start out.  It's only when the train starts moving that people will climb on board.  Now the blog is averaging 2000-2500 hits a month.  Which is a little unsettling.  Who the fuck are all these people?  Not that I don't appreciate it.  I'm just usually content to live in my own underground.  And let's be realistic.  That many people is still far underground and for that I continue to be thankful.     

    I'm still not sure what the mission of the blog is in the grand scheme nor do I give a fuck.  Just keep laughing and celebrate the world and culture that has meant so much to my life.  I have to assume many of you are hoping to hear old tunes from the past.  I got no more old tunes but several people have contacted me saying they want to share their old tapes.  We'll see if that pans out next year.  Expect more surprises, experiments, and whatever else I can throw against the wall.  

    In the meantime I'm having fun in the now.  I hope you are too.  Happy new year.  

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