Friday, May 3, 2013


          I’ve been sitting on this video for a few months but I haven’t been motivated to put it out until now.  I decided to post it tonight as a tribute to Jeff Hanneman the guitarist for Slayer who passed away yesterday.  He would have hated this but who gives  shit?  Since his most important contribution to society (Reign) came out of Def Jam records this is somewhat fitting. 

            I will always have love for the heavymetalvomit party but my true love is hip hop.  I keep coming back to it because it always seems to be coming back to me.  I’ve given up on it several times.  Long stretches.  But I always seem to return.  It’s like that I’m like that leave me the hell alone if you don’t think I’m a brother then check my chromosomes. 

            I was dating this black girl years ago and she made the observation that all her white boyfriends in the past would recite rap lyrics like they were singing but her black boyfriends would never do that kind of corny shit.  She was probably right.      

            I’ll tell you a secret.  Listening to hip hop sometimes makes me feel like being violent.  In exactly the same way hardcore used to make me feel violent.  Instead of acting on that impulse I usually channel it into dancing.  Or smoking weed.  Just like I did with hardcore. I have to admit that violent paranoid feeling degrades over time.  When I first hear music of that nature it becomes a primal influence.  But once I’ve heard that same song time and time again that rush seems to fade.  I still believe that hiphop can bring about that feeling.  And I’ll admit hardcore still has that ability.  Thank god Slayer put out one more solid album before it ended.  I still wish they had put out one more.      

            Yeah I still got love for the hardcore, grindsnore, thrash blast bullshit, but I’m just sick of listening to white people so much.  I digress. 

            Anyway this whole mixed metaphor/build up leads to the reason for this post.  I made this one minute video as my first and possibly last homage to the style I love so much.  Hip hop!  Don’t worry I’m not kicking off my new career as a hip hop producer.  But I did all the beats, words, and vandalism.  Although the "animated" sequences were photographed on the streets of Athens, Greece when I traveled there last year.  Since this video contains material that is legally questionable I will not be uploading this shit to fucking youtube.  I don’t need videos of me perpetrating out there circulating.  It's only available here as a download but don't shit yourself with cyber worry it's only 60 megabites and it runs just over one minute.  Maybe I’ll post it on youtube eventually.  I mean you can’t prove shit right?

             After the old man/nostalgia/memory lane video I presented in the last post I like to think of this video as more in touch with the moment being lived today.  Perfectly representing where I stand as a 41 year old man.   

Jeff Hanneman RIP.  

The name of the short is DON'T STOP.  Download it below:

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