Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Schizoid- Disco In Frisco demo

       This post is dedicated to Checko Salgado.  Even before I met the guy I saw him as an inspirational figure and if I’m being honest I must admit he’s always been a hero to me.  We seemed to orbit near each other in the Las Vegas underground for many years but it wasn’t until the late 90’s that we became good friends and collaborators.  It means a lot to me that he would consider me a friend.  I could go on like this for hours but if you’ve met Checko then you already know he is one in a million and you’d have to agree his intellect, his compassion, and his smart ass demeanor has done a lot to change the lives of everyone who surrounds him.

       I hate to make this a rush job but this will be a short post to share an amazing find that Checko brought to my attention; namely the Schizoid- Disco In Frisco cassette demo.  Schizoid was among the best of the late 80’s hardcore punk bands to be bred in the Las Vegas valley and while I've mentioned my hard on for Fuck Shit Piss, I will say that Schizoid is certainly in the same league as FSP insofar as being musical mavericks.  They veer off from the LVHC pack, and from pop culture in general by being pioneers in the field of subversive sarcasm long before it became an American lifestyle.  It’s hard to tell if these guys are bonafide geniuses or merely a collection of smarmy pricks.  Either way this is by far the most entertaining demo I’ve come across birthed from the Las Vegas underground. 

        But it wasn’t all Checko’s idea.  It couldn’t have been as incredible a band without the inclusion of fellow genius/asses Greg Higgins on vocals, Jason Paulucci on guitar, and Kevin Kettell on drums.

      Again, I hate to make a rush job out of this post, and I hope to write more later regarding this amazing band.  But for now I’ll let the music do the talking.  This demo will have you laughing your ass off.  And it’s solid, tight late 80’s hardcore.  Recorded off the board at the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, California in like 1988 I wanna say. 

     The reason for the rush job?  Guess who’s getting back together for a reunion show?  Yep.  Schizoid and several other bands from this time period are playing a one off show in Las Vegas in a few days.  So download these tunes quickly so you can hum along with these smart ass characters as they reveal a blast from the sass.

Download Schizoid- Disco In Frisco below
(Shit.  I forgot to write down the names of some of these songs, expect song titles to follow sometime soon, or just download the whole cassette demo as two files i.e. side one and side two) 
or download each song individually below
Here's Side one:

Okay so it looks like I have the song titles for Side two.  Download side two below:

Haven't heard about the reunion show?  Go here.


  1. This rules...thanks for posting. Checko is certainly a righteous dude.

    Also, the second song on side 2 is a cover of SNFU's "The Gravedigger".

  2. I ran in to checko the other day we were both working a catering event
    him a photographer myself a cook we shot the shit for anfew minutes about the old scene and our old bands pap smear and schizoid.Its cool running into people you knew from back in the day.this was no exception