Sunday, May 2, 2010

Boba Fett Youth last show

       I'm not sure why this vid got lost in the shuffle.  I digitized it years ago but never made it small enough to post on da inernet.  I found it immediately once I remembered I had it.  Jeez it seems like these guys played a lot of shows.  This was the last one.  The last one I saw anyway.  I recall hearing about a brief reunion in 2001 which I didn't go to.  I had given up on punk rock again at that point but that's another story.

    This show was at the short lived USA Cafe and the other bands that night were: Tomorrows Gone, the Heroines, and the Scooters.  I think part of the reason I forgot about this video was because I thought the sound quality wasn't so hot.  Watching it now I'd say it's not too bad.  I've heard worse anyway.  Still it's worth seeing as a historical document since it was the last show and all that jive.

    Don't know the date.  I want to say it was May of 97.  Watch em all here and download them below if you want.  

Download Boba Fett Youth last show ONE
Download Boba Fett Youth last show TWO
Download Boba Fett Youth last show THREE

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