Monday, February 15, 2010

Exhibit A: The Party Vid w/ Dwarf Bitch & Catapult!

       This was a party at Jen/Kate/Andrea's house.  Later on Andrea moved out and Barb moved in.  Andrea had nipple rings.  I'm not sure if she still does but that's beside the point.

       Fun show.  This was among Dwarf Bitch's first few shows.  At the time Ron Constantine was the drummer.  Keep your eyes/ears peeled for the Iron Maiden cover towards the end of their set.  I always liked the three piece.  Nothing beats the power trio!  

        This party got out of hand but remained peaceable.  Hmmm.  Could it be because it was on the East Side?  I don't know I'm just saying.  Also playing this party was the band Catapult and some other band I don't remember.  After the cops came and the bands stopped there was a piñata filled with candy, stickers, and drugs busted open.  It was almost broken by Pesto the rockstar dog which you'll see in the vid.  That dog sure got around.  I was gonna say that bitch sure got around but I'm not trying to piss anyone off. 

         Speaking of pissing people off, I'm including a clip here that I didn't want to put on youtube because it shows the majority of the people at this party smoking reefer getting drunk and acting stupid.  In a good way.  Still, I never wanted to incriminate, or implicate people in the court of internet opinion.  You know what I'm saying.  I used to think this video would be of interest mainly to people who were there but it's entertaining in it's own right.  Good sample of what each band did live.  Much thanks once again to Greg Stokey for smoking so much weed.      

       Hey here's the video I made for Dwarf Bitch!

The song is a live version of "Stumble" my favorite song of theirs.  I probably should have used the studio track for the vid.  Didn't happen.  Instead you get this music video using audio from that practice.  Ain't it a hoot!  I've also included the full practice from which I culled the music vid.  Clever eh?  Well not really.  Let the music do the talkin. 

       Catapult was an awesome band.  This video helps to solidify their place in Las Vegas underground music history along with the two 7" records and at least 2 demo tapes.  A classic song starts the beginning of their set.    

      So yeah.  Party on.  If you were captured doing something stupid in this video and you don't want it to get out for fear of losing your government job as a dog catcher or whatever, please don't ask me to take it off.  Just don't tell anyone about this link.  And they'll never know.  Our secret.   

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