Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your Mother live at Pabco Road Video

       Your Mother!  Again a terrible name.  But it's written in stone: the worse the name the better the band.  They are from San Francisco but don't hold that against em.  Another amazing performance at Pabco Road out in the desert on the East side of Las Vegas which was host to the cream of the crop for underground bands over the years.  Probably the most consistent "venue" in Las Vegas, Nevada back then.  Unless you liked the crap that played at the Huntridge.

       I'm not sure if Your Mother is a band anymore but they are still alive as individuals so keep your eyes peeled.  Super poppy hardcore with hooks galore and funnier than shit.  Please take note this is not Pop Punk.  It's somehow Pop Hardcore Punk.  If that makes sense.  Or if it makes a difference?  

     Totally entertaining show and the death kneel for my hi8 camera.  I shot this show as a rare Las Vegas rain began to fall.  It was a light sprinkle so I figured what could go wrong?  Well my camera effectively died that night.  You can see this as the tape starts to fuck up really bad at the end.  Later on this camera got stolen by a crack head.  Little did he know it was fucked up so the jokes on him eh?

       At the beginning of the tape you will notice a dumb ass in a huge truck trying to scale the large hill at the side of the Pabco "stage" area.  That seemed to happen at every show.  Sometimes they'd get stuck.  Sometimes they'd get free.  Go USA! 

       These guys were perhaps the funniest band I ever saw at Pabco.  Not counting the nazi version of Fuck Shit Piss.  Ouch.  Do yourself a favor and download these clips and show them to your girlfriend for Valentines Day.  

Your Mother PART 1
Your Mother PART 2
Your Mother PART 3
Your Mother PART 4

     Don't want to download anything?  Watch all these clips on youtube dude!

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