Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catapult- Just Another Band Outta Vegas... 7"

     Catapult was a true Vegas original.  They were probably the most musical of the underground bands in the late 90’s.  Musical meaning they were technically proficient and good writers to boot.  Although this album shows their prowess as arrangers more than anything else.

     They were on quite a few records back then.  Let’s see there was the Leap Frog Society split 7”, they were on the Very Small Drinking Compilation, and they had some smokin’ tracks on the Bucky Records Blue Whale compilation which I remember liking quite a bit.  Haven't heard those songs in years.  They also put out at least two demo tapes if I remember correctly.  That first demo is phenomenal!  Haven't heard those songs in years either.  Hopefully I'll get to hear em again in the future.

     This record finds Catapult mining the same territory that a lot of underground bands were digging out come the mid 90’s.  Namely re-recording classic rock tracks and putting a little pepper on em.  The band Sick and Tired did a record of Kenny Rogers covers which was fucking amazing.  One Eye Open did a bunch of TV theme songs.  And the pinnacle, or maybe it was the album that started that trend, was the release of the Tumors record by the band Schlong which was their  re-working of the Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac whittled down to about 6 minutes.  In my opinion that was the best record to come out of the 90’s.  I ain't fuckin kiddin.

     This record came out on Schlong’s Bun Length Records.  Maybe that’s why you never heard it?  As incredible as Schlong were they weren’t the best at promoting and maintaining a record label.  It took me 7 years before I even heard the Guano Starfighter record!  Really how many musicians are good at releasing records?  Very few.  So yeah this record might have got lost in the shuffle to a lot of people.  Now here’s your chance to let one rip!  

    This 7 inch has a lot of staples from Catapults live set at that time.  I love Boston.  I mean the band.  Fuck the city.  The material should be familiar if you live in America.  Unless you live in a cave or a hippie commune or you're under 30 years old.  If that's the case what are you doing here?  

     Catapult had the chops to chop this stuff up and make it something new.  A cool record to kick off the new year.  Born in the 70’s re-imagined in the 90’s re-gifted in the 10’s.  

Download: Catapult- Just Another Band Outta Vegas below

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