Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show @ Sir Patrick Haus vid

    We had a kick ass house on Sir Patrick Avenue back in the late 90’s early 2000's.  At one time we were the best venue in Vegas not counting that shithole the Cooler Lounge.  Which I guess was an “official” venue.  By definition the house party is always unofficial in Vegas.

    In all honesty I think we only had a handful of shows there.  This was the only show I videotaped at that house.  The main band that night was a group from Austin Texas named Knife In the Water

    I lived at the Sir Patrick house with Checko Salgado.  He's always been plugged in to all kinds of underground bands and obscure scenes and so he set up this show being that he was a huge fan of Knife in the Water.    The band featured here was on tour with them but somehow no one I’ve talked to can remember their name.  If you know the name of this band let me know.  I haven’t got a clue. 

    Again the tape was somewhat damaged and the footage here has a few defects.  A few jumpy stop/starts.  But the sound and image overall isn’t too bad. Just thought I’d get it out there to the few people out there who may find this interesting.  From the video it looks like the average 8 to 10 people were in attendance.  That was a good night for Vegas underground rock circa 2000.    

    The footage of Knife in The Water is in bad shape.  I’ll try and transfer it again some time because my first effort was a shambles of jump cuts and fucked up audio synching issues.  If I can salvage it I’ll post it here in the future.  If I can’t salvage it then fuck it.    

    For now enjoy this cool band playing to some of my buddies in my old house which was bulldozed by the McCarren Airport.   

If you really want to you can download this clip here.

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