Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Show Las Vegas 1997

    Here's another video from my archives.  An art show featuring students from the UNLV Art Department.  It's one of the first things I shot with my first videocamera.   I've always been bad about labeling my tapes and it's come back to bite me in the ass more than once.  As a result I'm not sure when this show happened.  I'm guessing the end of the semester 1997.

     It took a lot of balls to show up and start videotaping peoples artwork without asking.  I feel like most artists are a little gun shy about people taking pics or videos of their work.  Maybe they like it?  I suppose it's good manners to ask first before you whip out a camera.  If I remember correctly I just barged in and started shooting which in retrospect seems a little uncouth.   I wish more people would capture these events on film since art exhibits come and go pretty quick and it's not like the photographer/videographer is stealing the images by getting them on film.  This clip will never be as valuable as the artwork contained within.  In fact it's of almost no value.  It's just a reflection of what happened that night.  More than anything I think it goes a long way to promoting the artist's work.  An example of taking the memories with you.  That's all we've got here is memories.  Hopefully the artists in this video will agree with this assessment.  

    Speaking of which I don't know the artists featured in this video.  If you are familiar with these artist or their work please leave a comment so we can give credit where credit is due.  As often as I could I tried to video the placards on the wall featuring the artist names.  If you know these artist please tell them this video is here!

    I've always enjoyed the the different variations of artistic "scenes" that flowered, withered, and flowered again over the years when I lived in Vegas.  You'll see a very pronounced Las Vegas inspiration in this show.  Be it the 10 foot tall stir sticks based on real stir sticks from Las Vegas Golden Age or the numerous paintings based on gaudy carpet patterns found in casinos in Las Vegas at that time.  Also included are some subtle and not so subtle installation pieces, sculpture, and paintings.  Overall a great show that I would have forgotten about had I not found this video.  If you go to a lot of art shows and you own a camera of any kind do us all a favor and ask the artist personally if they mind you taking some snap shots.  It's something we'll all benefit from when we look back over the years.  Especially since the internet allows us access.          

     I've heard rumors that UNLV will be making some drastic cuts to their art department which is a bad move in my opinion.  These cuts could affect one of my best friends Checko Salgado who has been teaching a course on commercial photography for the last 7 years.  Get in touch with UNLV and let them know how important the arts are to your community.

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