Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vegas Flyers 1996-2000

All flyers by me unless noted otherwise.
First show for Part-Time Whore, last show for Dwarf Bitch.  Weird how that happens.  Instead of Pabco this ended up taking place at GT's house.  West side assholes stole Greg's dartboard!  Bullshit.

Rob didn't want me to include a map to his house on this flyer.

flyer by Greg Higgins

flyer by Greg Telles
flyer by Nathan Robards

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  1. I had one of the yard sale fliers and took it to work and posted it on the bulletin board. The older woman I worked with, I think she was about 60 or so saw and it and laughed, and said it was "cute" that was from a grandma who played sonic the hedgehog.