Friday, October 7, 2011

Lunch With the PMRC tape 2

            This is the second tape good buddy Nate Robards sent to me.  Another broadcast of Lunch With the PMRC originally aired on 91.5 KUNV in like 1991?  If you got a clue about the date please share.  Not much in the way of local music on this one.  I hear Checko Salgado in the background during the announcements.  He shares a demo from a Denver band named Small Dog Frenzy.  I think he was making a smart ass statement about the Vegas underground at that time since this was the Local’s Only segment.  Still that Small Dog Frenzy song is a good one.    

            The one local band featured on this tape is a serious winner.  This Tripple Ripple song is on fire!  I’m familiar with the name Tripple Ripple but for some reason I always assumed they were college rock alternative stuff. That's not the case.  This track has some hardcore bite but it’s a well structured song that doesn’t shy away from the guitar solos.  I love this shit.  Not punk, not metal, not alternative, but not shy about taking from those elements without having an allegiance to any of them.  This was before everything got codified and genretized.  I’m not even sure where you’d put this in the rigid labeling, compartmentalizing, minds of today’s music explainers.  Crossover seems like a tame category.  I like the song so who gives a shit? 

            My one complaint, because I gotta have at least one: the singer seems like an afterthought.  Without the reverb on his vocals it would really blow.  Although the effects do add a sinister Celtic Frost vibe to the mix which is cool.  It’s a minor detail in this case.  The music has enough going for it that it doesn’t need front man theatrics vying for your attention. 

            I’ve ripped the rest of the cassette but the real gem here is the Tripple Ripple track.   If you got the demo out there post it fucker.  The label on the tape indicates a Bad Attitudes demo.  I don't know if that's what's on side two.  It might be the girl band that starts off side two but the bleed fucks with the sound so much it's almost not worth checking out.  You can especially hear it between songs but it goes away after a few minutes.  The rest of the cassette is fairly tame 90’s fare.  I don’t know… some of it’s good but most of it reminds me of why the 90’s mostly sucked for music.  They do play the Fastbacks at the end which is cool!  I’ve lumped side two together into one long mp3 files because there's so much bleed it's fucked up.  I'm including it here for the curious.

Overall this tape is a novelty but make no mistake you should download that Tripple Ripple track.

Download below:
91.5 FM KUNV Lunch With the PMRC tape 2 from the collection of Nathan Robards

1. Tripple Ripple- Vermin
2. Jerry Burns chatter
3. Small Dog Frenzy- This Sail
4. KUNV chatter
5. Side one plays out
6. Side Two


  1. This is funny, because that's my handwriting on the tape. I'm curious to hear this. I also have a ton of that stuff that I need to rip.

  2. I wish I had the tapes I recorded off of KUNV. I had this one where Ron Benway was doing the 7 inch show and was pretending to be drunk. It was one of the last ones because they were going to stop doing rock avenue in favor of an all jazz format. To think that vegas could have a radio station that played that music is amazing to me.

  3. very cool to hear this blast from the past-all radio has gone to shit since kunv left-enjoyed it truely thanx to chad and the friend who gave him this archive