Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Very Small Kick

     Dave Hayes from Very Small Records is doing a kickstarter project until November 21.  Click here to see.  Give him $42 and you get a great hoodie and his entire discography on a DVD/R with 1,111+ tracks!

     I’ve made several references to Dave Hayes throughout this blog.  If you’re unfamiliar with Very Small Records then you been missing out.  Go here and get acquainted.  He lived for a short time in Las Vegas and put out a few records featuring Vegas bands.  He went on tour with Dwarf Bitch and released both their 7” records. 

     I know what you’re thinking.  Who gives a shit?  Well he also put out records for: Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Jawbreaker, Green Day, Econochrist, Nuisance,  Schlong, Elmer, the list is endless including some of the best compilation records ever made!  All of it out of print.  When I think back to the music of the 90’s the only stuff I remember fondly is the Very Small shit.  The discography is solid.  If you are at all interested in underground music you should know Very Small Records.  Dave has been an inspirational figure in my life and I thank him very much for the work he’s done with this label.   

     Of course you could go over to his blog and download tons of this stuff for free.  He’s been offering it up free for years.  In fact he’s been talking about doing this DVD/R thing for years and I’m glad he’s finally running with it.  I think if you download from there you should really help a brother out and give to his kickstarter project.

     Plus you get an awesome hoodie with a universal message which will make an excellent x-mas gift this year.  Act quick the deadline is Monday.         


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