Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knife In the Water live @ Sir Patrick Haus

     I’d never heard of em before but my housemate and close friend Checko was tuned in.  I’m glad he was.  I forgot how much fun I had at this show.  I think this was the last show we had before the McCarren Airport bought the house and leveled it to make way for… well nothing.  I should mention this show happened in the Spring of 2001. 

     Of course a drunken gutter punk sporting a mohawk had to show up to be the obnoxious idiot.  There’s always some guy or girl without a clue at every house party or show with a semblance of underground veneer.  I think it’s the law.  You may notice him as the video rolls on.  Luckily he sits down and nurses his beer for most of the show.

     Don’t have much to add here.  Although I will say this might be the last of the old time videos you’ll be seeing on this blog.  My apartment got flooded and it drenched two big boxes of old videotapes.  I don’t think there was a whole lot left in those boxes anyway besides tape after tape of claymation experiments and time lapse vids.  Easy come easy go.  But since my apartment and my life are a mess there’s always a chance I’ll find more old videos.  Trouble is I’m planning on selling my camera soon so my ability to transfer stuff will be limited in the future.     

     If there is interest in old timey shit I guess I could always do a post of that awful horror movie me and the dudes made back in the early 90’s.  Don’t tempt me.    

     Knife In the Water were (are?) a great band.  Way better than the Roman Polanski film of the same name that's for sure.  I don't know if they're still riding this horse or whether they put it out to pasture.  Hopefully they are still going strong as this is some really solid countryish psychedelia pop stuff.  This was years before I’d heard any mention of the tired sub genre known as Alt Country.  I wouldn’t put these guys in that category.  Maybe there is some Alt Country out there that’s worth a shit but I ain’t heard it yet.  I’m guessing these new bands claiming country today are brooding so hard because they listen to too much indie rock and not enough Willie Nelson.  I always gotta trail off with some smart assisms. 

     It looks like the band had a good time here.  It seems like they get surprised by the audience hootin and hollerin at strange intervals but they never skip a beat.  I love how Yaqui starts barking in time to that last song.  It's hard to tell from the vid but it seems like the mohawk dude might be instigating it?  I wouldn't be surprised.  Would you?

     I sure miss the people I’m seeing in these vids.  Maybe they feel the same?  Who knows?  

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  1. Thanks for posting these videos. I can't find enough on this band.