Saturday, February 19, 2011

my latest short film: Dark Matter w/ sound

     I make short films.  It's a passion and a disability.  It's made it hard for me to enjoy watching movies.  I respect the craft and I'm an enemy to mediocrity.  I have always been offended by the mainstream.  When it shapes the reality of a society that is home to me and the creator of dreams worldwide it's hard not to see it's a parasite that perpetuates delusional future catastrophy.  

     When I talk mainstream culture I'm talkin music, politics, journalism, art, radio, movies... all expression.  It's a culture of misrepresentation.  None of the shit I see above ground has ever represented me my whole fuckin life.  And even underground there are only flashes of truth I see.   But I'm most offended when the machine tries to speak for me.  It's an affront to my dignity.  Makes me wanna scream.  You can't keep taking from me!  You can't keep faking the scene and it ain't all about how much bacon you bring.   Liberal media my fuckin ass.  It's been skewed to the right for so long the viewers can no longer think fast.

     If the shoe fits kick it.  I ain't gonna support a culture that's wicked.  Don't lie to me and act like you're doin me right.  I'd laugh if it was funny but it's a horrible disguise.  I will forever use every weapon in my arsenal to accentuate the positive and destroy the farcical.  Some may see romantic foolishness in the words I say but I will never stop believing for I am the revolution every single day.        

     My films can be self absorbed, pretentious, sometimes misguided, they may run free with little regard for the audiences sensibilities but the audience is superfluous I make these worlds for me.  Someone out there will hear me.  And that would be fine.  But the music I make the worlds I create are for my mind.  I invite you to stay tuned... or go fuck yourself either way I'm satisfied.      


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