Monday, February 21, 2011

Schizoid vids @ Elks Lodge

    You'll find some random shit if you cruise youtube.  It's become a democratic way of getting videos out there which is pretty fuckin cool.  

    I don't know the person who posted these videos. Or maybe I do?  It strikes me as unusual that they would post a bunch of shit about UNLV and then include these cool vids of Schizoid playing the Elks Lodge in Henderson.  

    Schizoid played the first "real" punk show I ever attended.  I was 14 years old and I saw Schizoid, Fuck Shit Piss, Band X, and Doggy Style play the North Las Vegas Eagles Hall near that Church's Chicken across the street from Broadacres.  I bought a Beefy Burrito zine from Checko which was an amazing read and was truly inspiring to me back then.  He keeps telling me he'll make copies of that zine for me again someday.  Yeah I'm still waiting mofo.

    It seems strange that I only saw Schizoid play one other time after that Doggy Style show.  I didn't get to be friends with these guys until long after they'd broken up.  Checko and Greg would go on to form the band Lady.  Jason would later be in Dwarf Bitch.   

    I don't know if they ever put out a demo but they were prominently featured on a 10" record put out by Very Small Records.  They had a tight original sound that made them stick out from the tons of other bands playing hardcore back then.  That's probably why David Hayes put them on that record so long ago.       

     I only watched one of the several Schizoid videos featured on this guy's youtube page.  I saw some faces I recognized. You probably will too.  Just noticed there's a clip of them doing an RKL cover.  Rad.

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  1. lol!...I posted thses videos. I was their roadie for a few years, and later Checko and I moved to Denver to go to art school...we were later joined by Greg in Denver where we rented a home....

    Schizoid had a few demos, but the 10" was their only vinyl....they were a pretty big band with the bay area kids though....I think Maximum R&R had them listed as one of the best live bands, right below SNFU....that was a fun time.

    I'm also a big UNLV basketball