Thursday, May 27, 2010

Atomic Gods- Critical Mass Demo

    I guess this is Atomic Gods month.  Here is the first Atomic Gods demo "Critical Mass" sent to me already digitized from AG singer Richard Gibson.  Much thanks to him for sharing.  

     I guess this completes the Atomic Gods tape-ography as far as I know.  

     More metal tinged hardcore without the crossover attempts you hear on the second demo.   I guess I never picked up on the classic rock influence these guys had.  It comes across pretty strong in some of the traditional sounding solos here as well as the way most of these songs are structured.  This was even more pronounced on the 2nd demo.  Don't read me wrong.  This ain't the fucking Eagles or Boston it's hardcore but I hear some classic elements anyway.   

     Even though the second demo had the bad hip hop stuff on it I think it has more personality than this demo.  This demo's got some serious power.  Wreck on the 55 has me thinking of Motorhead.  Much of the rest of these songs remind me of numerous hardcore bands from the time including Social Unrest or Toxic Reasons.  Which ain't all that bad comparatively.  There's a few attempts at harmony but  this demo never touches pop punk territory.  For some reason I'm really digging the song Hipocrite.  It's so of the times.  The urgency, the shitty recording, the self righteous lyrics.  So fucking punk.

    Carnival of the Absurd might be my fave here.  So many old school vegas references in one song.  It's kind of mind blowing.  After hearing that song I remembered that I had heard this tape before.  Probably while ditching high school at Substance D's practice space the D-Lab?  Not that I hung out there a bunch but that's the memory that came back to me.   

    The more songs I hear the less metal this demo sounds.  While it's got some high points I think when I want to hear Atomic Gods I might be returning to the 2nd demo more often than the first.  Still it's great that we can now hear em both now and decide for ourselves.        

Download links for Atomic Gods "Critical Mass" Demo
Click each song individually to download.

1.  Wreck On the 55
2.  Silence Is Consent
3.  Walking Dead
4.  Picnic In Hell
5.  Lost In the Night
6.  Modern Rome
7.  Another Nail in Your Coughin'
8.  Slave To Debt
9.  Carcinogen
10.  American Way of Life
11.  Rich Get Richard
12.  Officer Friendly
13.  One of These Days
14.  Hipocracy
15.  Carnival of the Absurd
16.  Final Test


  1. Hey Chad. Thanks for doing this. I still have an old AG t-shirt. One of my most prized possessions. I also have an old Vegas hardcore shirt too. #12. Officer Friendly is a bad link. I got all the others tho. Can't wait for the other demo side 2.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Side two of the 2nd demo has already been posted. Check the blog archive to see more goodies. It's in the top right corner.

  3. Hey Anonymous, can you take a high-quality photo of the shirt design and email it to Chad for posting? I'd like to see that design as well since I drew it! Thanks in advance. Sean