Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Atomic Gods- DEMO SIDE TWO

    As promised here's side two of that Atomic Gods demo.  I can't believe the awful clothes they're wearing in this picture.  Anyway- I heard back from Sean (guitarist) and Richard (singer) and they were both surprised and happy with the post which is cool.  Sean mentioned that he told his whole family which explains why it's the most popular download on this blog.  Side two won't disappoint either.

   The first show is Atomic Gods at the Gilman Street Project.  This is a venerable punk venue that is still operating in Berkeley, CA.  I think it's still around.  Sound quality is pretty excellent as far as the recording goes.  My personal cassette copy does have a few rough patches where it fucks up a little but it still sounds good.  Drums sound way better here than on the demo recording.

    At the time of this recording Atomic Gods were Sean Sloan- guitar/ Richard Malcolm Gibson- vocals/ George Gentekos -Bass/ Alan Strong - Drums.

    The second show appears to have been recorded at Main Gate Lounge which I assume is in Las Vegas.  Cool stuff but I could have done without the Cream cover.  It's obvious filler because the tape ends perfectly at the close of the last song.   

     Much thanks to Brian Zannone for the scan of the cassette cover shown here.  Richard said he would be sending me the first Atomic Gods demo through the mail so expect to see that posted here too sometime in the future.  

Download Atomic Gods Demo Side Two (live)
Tracks 1-11 were recorded live at Gilman Street Project Berkeley, CA 1/25/89
Tracks 12-16 recorded live at the Main Gate Lounge, Las Vegas, NV 1989

1.  Complications
2.  bad joke 
3.  Fire (Jimi Hendrix cover)
4.  Crisco Strip Twisted
5. Doomsayer (live)
6.  Fat Rich Pigs 
7.  P.S.D.I.
8.  Needle Freak
9.  Excuses
10.  Test Site Protest Announcement
11.  Final Test
12.  Crucify Ronnie
13.  Rip It Up
14.  Funk You
15.  Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)
16.  Just One of Those Days

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  1. Wow, I'm the Karen that drove one of the carloads to this gig. I had forgotten that Anna's van blew up. I will NEVER drive a stickshift again in SF as long as I live!