Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fatty Lumpkin video

        High energy punkness dipped in funk and rolled into a classic rock burrito w/ goofball sauce.  Drunk.  I don't know what you'd call this shit.  It's good though.   Cool band.  Fun bunch of characters.  I first saw them play when I was a roadie on the Leap Frog Society tour.  They played with LFS in Spokane.  The show for these vids was at Pabco Road in the desert outside Las Vegas, NV 1997.  That night Fatty Lumpkin played with SPAZZ, Lopez, Catapult, and Dwarf Bitch.    

       They never put out a full length record.  Just a demo tape I believe.  I don't have it and don't know where you would download it but I likeded it when I heard lo these many years ago.  

      I digitized this footage a while back.  It's in a fucked up order on youtube and I put all kinds of corny graphics on it.  Then when I tried to add it here for you to download I could only find two of the three clips I put on youtube.  Then I found an 11 minute clip ended up being both the first and second part put together.  Then I found something that wasn't put on youtube.  etc. etc.  Sometimes I think my life is a shambles and I'm just finding my way through it.  Ever felt like that?  Anyway I've included a clip here that may be a bonus.  I can't figure it out and I don't want to have to watch these clips again so you figure it out.

      Here's every clip I could find.  If you care then you'll download all these clips to see what's what.  I'd be surprised if I found another clip but stranger things have been happening.    

        Still this vid makes for great televison.  Except this isn't television.  Ends up there's a bunch of different bands named Fatty Lumpkin all over the world.  And yeah it's a stupid fucking name.  If you want to learn more about this particular one then go here.
Hilarious now the video above isn't working. Gotta love it.

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  1. I need a copy of the fatty lumpkin demo. i had it years ago. it was on nervous rekids, john salvos label i think?