Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tomorrows Gone Videos

        Sorry for the lack of sizable posts this month.  I got busy, stayed productive, and still managed to have a good time.  Expect the posts to remain erratic as the weather gets nicer.

     In the meantime here's a video from my archives of the band Tomorrows Gone.  This is on youtube but I found another few minutes of footage from this show that I neglected to upload to youtube.  I've included it here for you to download.  

        Cool band.  Cool video and a pretty good representation of what they were like live.  I'm surprised at how good the sound quality is for this being shot on a shitty hi8 camera.  This was Boba Fett Youth's last show.  I digitized the Boba Fett Youth footage from this show but can't seem to find it now.  I'll let you know if I ever find it.   

       I saw them play at various places in Las Vegas and they were usually pretty great.  Although I was never fully immersed in this style of hardcore I do remember liking them.  They're pretty tight.  Probably cause they're not all high and shit.  I'm not well informed on the story with Tomorrows Gone but the dream lives on here.  

     This was at the short lived USA Cafe (or was it America Cafe?) on Sunset and Pecos.  I gotta say I love the shot of the Lucky's supermarket sign in the background.  That's so shitty Vegas style it's actually making me a little home sick.  Maybe I'll go drink a beer in a parking lot somewhere for old times sake?         

Download Tomorrows Gone Part 1 (bonus video not included on youtube)
Download Tomorrows Gone Part 2 (the youtube vid)

      I felt weird including this clip here but not putting it on youtube as well.  So here it is on youtube.  Watch it first and decide if you want to download it.

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