Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lady "Trike" demo on green vinyl

    Lady was one of the more unique bands around 92-94.  Somehow I never got to see them play.  The band was Checko Salgado ex-Schizoid-Bass, Greg Higgins ex-Schizoid- Guitar, and Mike Taf Drums.  This was their first demo that came out in 92.

    I never got to see em but I really loved their second demo "Vicki Campbell Live"  I think that's what it was called.  I'm posting this mainly to see if someone else will post their second one.  I'd really like to hear it again.

    I recall hearing that 2nd demo and seeing comparisons to "shoegazer" bands like the Swirlies which seems really funny in retrospect.  Super pop sounds but obnoxious and raw as fuck.  There was another mystery local demo "released" around that time from a band named Foot Long who also had a similar Swirlies vibe to them.  I want to say that Todd Flanagan was in that band but I' unsure.  Wish I could hear that one again!
    This first Lady demo has some of those pop qualities and the music is good but it sounds like a band just starting to find it's sound.  Some good standout songs especially Pinto Bean and Don't Crumb.  Lady was not a hardcore band in the strictest sense of the term but what else could you call it?  Certainly not metal.  It got a good review in the Maximum Rock and Roll demo reviews at the time for those of you keeping score.

    It sounds like the band let the tape roll and did the whole thing in one take.  I broke the songs up when I transferred it so it kind loses some of that feel.  Hopefully I put them in the right order.

    Checko gave me this tape years ago.  It has some cool stickers and a photo negative of the band.  That's the pictures you see here.  After Lady broke up Checko and Mike went on to form Catapult, another stellar Vegas band.

    I heard that they sold out the Huntridge which was quite a feat for a local band back then.  Again, another show I missed.  I think I was busy listening to Carcass and Geto Boys while working at Odyssey Records.

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