Tuesday, December 29, 2009


    Aside from Fuck Shit Piss the premier hardcore band in Las Vegas in the mid 80's was 5150.  I saw them play once or twice at the club "That's Entertainment."  I kinda recall seeing them play with D.I. at the Eagles Lodge near Cashman field but I could be mistaken.
    People used to say there was a heavy Misfits influence in this band.  I have to strain a little to hear it but it's there, especially in the vocals.  Earth AD era Misfits of course.  These guys might have been the only Las Vegas band to actually put some records out back then.  I bought the first record Forever Night at the Record Exchange which later became the Underground.  I'm not sure how I ended up finding the second record Little Miss Succubus but I own both.

    If memory serves their "crew" was called the Intoxicated Force.  I heard this name was coined in reaction to a visit from 7 Seconds from Reno whose crew was known as the Positive Force or something along those lines.  The story, which is mostly hearsay, involved some altercation when 7 Seconds came down to play Vegas, thus Intoxicated Force was born.  Or some shit like that.  I'm sure the real story is infinitely more fascinating...  I only know the rumor and so I'll leave it at that.

    I was only familiar with 5150 on the periphery.  They were furious hardcore.  Not so much going on in the way of hooks but plenty of energy and attitude.  I always loved the out of control feedback they had which was put to good use by many a great hardcore band back then including Corrosion of Conformity and Black Flag.  It can be heard to great effect in the song Murder 101.

    I found these recordings posted on another blog but I can't remember which one.  Apparently both 7" records got packaged together and repressed on one record a few years ago.  It took me by surprise to see this in a record store recently.  It appears to be a bootleg.  I wonder if 5150 knows about this?  

    The track listing is all messed up from the download I found.  I fixed the songs I recognized (Murder 101 and Forever Night) but the Lil Miss Succubus songs I couldn't figure out.  The song Lil Miss Succubus doesn't even appear here.  Or am I mistaken?  Coulda swore the chorus was "Lil Miss Succubus/ Lil Miss Succubus!"  Confusing.  But I'm pretty sure this is still 5150.  Right?  I can't seem to find my 5150 records among my collection.  Maybe someone "borrowed" them?  Either way I can't compare it to the original, so you get what you get.  If I made any mistakes let me know.
    Strange that there would even be a market to repress this stuff, but with the prices rare punk records fetch nowadays it was probably only a matter of time.  Still it seems improbable that someone would pay $20 for the Forever Night 7".  I dunno.  Check out the cheeseball graphic on this repress "Reagan Era Hardcore."  On the inside cover there is no information at all so you wouldn't even know they were from Vegas.  Pretty weak bootleg in my book.  Hopefully the band is clued into the fact that this record is out there.    

    In retrospect I think the "Lil Miss" 7" (Tracks 1-3) holds up better than the "Forever Night" record (tracks 4-5).  Sound quality is better and the song writing is more dynamic.  More info about 5150 can be found here.   

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