Monday, December 14, 2009

Pinball pichures.

It's the only thing I have on my computer right now so why not enjoy these pix of some classic games.  Games courtesy of that weird guy with the pinball museum on Trop between Maryland and Pecos.  Don't get me wrong he's cool but yeah a little weird.  But what would you expect from a pinball wizzard?

I remember meeting this pinball guy, Tim Arnold, when he used to open up his garage/warehouse and let people come in and play all the games they wanted for $5 a throw.  He would do it twice a year as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army I believe.  It was BYOB but he also provided chips and dips and the whole spread.  Nice guy.

I found out about this character when I saw a flyer for one of his fundraisers was posted on the bulletin board at the Whitney Library.  There was a great picture of Groucho Marx on the flyer.  I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.  Nice touch.

If you find yourself walking along Tropicana be sure to stop by the pinball museum's new location near Casey's Camera!  That Mario Andretti game is a good one.   Go here  and see.

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