Thursday, December 31, 2009

Running out of material and time.

        I might be going back to school next week.  I haven't fully decided so this blog might see a lot less activity in the next few months.  You know how these blogs go.  I see one that's cool and then it's suddenly gone!  I suggest downloading what you can while you can because it might not be here tomorrow!  So yeah blogs are todays zines!  Pretty fucking cool!

        Hopefully the effort I put into this might start a ripple effect and get other people to digitize their old music.  You don't have to send it to me just post it somewhere yourself so I can get it!  If this does motivate you and you have something you want to submit here then it would be really cool if you digitize it and send it to me.  Otherwise it might take me a while to get to it.  Still waiting to get the Substance D demo and some other stuff from Zack Arnold.  Maybe it will come in the mail next year sometime?

        I'm running out of stuff to post anyway.  Hopefully I'll get the Leap Frog Society/Catapult split up here sometime soon?  This zine isn't a blanket Vegas thing.  I only post ridiculously obscure shit that I want to hear.  Not shit that's solely obscure.  So don't send me the Junkie Nuns demo.  Don't send me the Atta Boy Skip demo.  Don't send me the Doom Snake Cult demo.  Actually- strike that.  Go ahead and send the Doom Snake Cult Demo.  Why not?

        Anyway stay tuned for more music sometime in the unforeseeable future.  Current want list:  Blue Ruin demo, Foot Long Demo, Atomic Gods demos, Disrupt demo, Hairball/Forehead split demo.  Any surprising recordings from 91.5 KUNV circa 84-95 especially Rock Avenue shit.  In the meantime enjoy these scans from old issues of Keep Laughing.

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  1. cool to see rylands poems again, especially with his bizarre, oppressing building-thingies crowding all the negative space.

    i remember aaron franquero did a portrait of ryland surrounded by looming buildings- mtf