Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drew Livingood: Actor.

    Here's an old short film I made starring rock star Drew Livingood.  Subversive eh?  Nice production values for a student film.  Don't feel pressured it's only 35 seconds.

    I shot this in Fall of 1997.  I didn't get around to transferring it to digital until 2007.  After which I decided to put sound on it.  It was an assignment for Film Production 101.  I was supposed to devise a "Five Shot" edit, meaning five separate cuts of someone handing something to someone else.  Or something along those lines.  Instead I composed this artsy-fartsy symbol heavy student film with some decent production values.   
    The place that did the "telecine" transfer sucked royally.  It's pixelated all over the place mainly because the film was slightly underexposed.  If you have access to a telecine and you can hook me up with a better transfer please let me know.  Who am I kidding?  This film's only got so much life left in her.  I'll never be able to fix this shit.  Still I think it's really entertaining in a pseudo Bunuel way.  

      In case you missed the meaning this was a statement on bureaucracy. 

     Super thanks to my friend Bombo for providing the killer blastbeats and helping to make this a real film.

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starring Drew Livingood

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