Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Message to Nid.

    This is a mix I made for Nid.  Haven't seen him much since we stopped being roommates.

    When we lived together I remember buying an Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark LP, I think it was Architecture and Morality, great record.  He thought so too and I remember him playing it once in a while.  In retrospect this sounds pretty queer bordering on gay.

    A few weeks ago I found an OMD 7" and decided to send it to him because he's been pestering me for about three years to burn him a CD by the band Fastbacks.  I never found that CD although something tells me I still have it.  Whatever the case I decided to make him this powerpop compilation in leui of Fastbacks.

    I was pretty into the powerpop scene for a while and I still love it when I hear a good mix.  I guarantee you will either love it or hate it.  Some will lump this music into generic genre names like powerpop, mod, or new wave.  It's all POP to me but I do hear clear distinctions from some of these bands.  I would call the Odds a Mod band, but I can clearly hear powerpop in the New Toys song on here.  My bro thinks it sounds like music from an 80's teen movie and I think he's not too far off base.  I can envision credits rolling over songs like X-Ray Proof or Big Burden.  I'd love to see a movie like that!

    It's all about hooks!  As much as people wanna dissect the music it's super basic bubblegum pop with more balls.  By the end of the song- you know the song!    And it's damn genius when it comes out right.  My favorites tend to be those with a hint of sadness added to the brew.  This mix is a decent intro but it tends to focus on the obscure.  With more time I would have included tracks from: the Shoes, 20/20, SVT, and probably Pezband, all bands slightly less obscure right?  But this mix is just big enough to fit on one CD.  So feel free to burn one!  

    I still like this style, but when I discovered mp3 blogs with millions of powerpop songs I got a little put off by the scene.  Pre-internet this stuff seemed so incredible.  So obscure and secretive.  Hidden.   But there's a reason why most of that stuff is obscure.  Most of it sucks.  Plus people who are into powerpop tend to have a serious attitude.  I declare a fatwah on anyone who claims to be Mod or anyone who rides a scooter.  Although I still lose my shit when I see a skinhead girl.  So hot!     

    I think the Power Pearls vinyl bootleg series that came out in the late 90's pretty much nailed the style for me and I took liberally from that series for this mix.  But I've also included tracks from the Metrojets series which is great powerpop/glam compilation.  If you like this shit then here's a good place to find more.  I always wanted to make a good powerpop mix and this one is made special for Nid.  Now you can hear it too!  Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step!
    Hopefully Nid likes this comp.  It's not OMD but it's pretty girly.  Which makes me wonder where have all the rude girls gone?  

Download a POP Message To Nid  


  1. Don't worry Chad - I downloaded the Fastbacks album!

  2. Cool! Sorry I can't figure out how to get the song titles from this pop comp to ya. Maybe if you download it from this page?